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2018, January

XLSM protection

The first XLSM protection has been sold using the Cops Crypto technology. It's highly secure and there's no need to convert the sheets into an exe file.  ... Read more


2017, October

SMART Notebook protection

Link Data now provides protection for the SMART Notebook formart. It builds on our highly secure Crypto technology with small modifications due to the structure of a .notebook file. The protection is compatible with the newest SMART Notebook (v. 17) and works on both macOS and Windows.


2016, Mar

Japanese Ministry of Defense client

Our Japanese distributor Suncarla has won a tender for securing data contents on distributed DVDs. Cops Crypto data protection is used with our DVD-Cops product..  ... Read more

Japanese Ministry of Defense

2015, Nov

Deutsche Bank renews WebCops

Despite no allowed internet connection, Deutsche Bank has successfully used WebCops for a year now with QR-code scan. Anyone with a web connected smartphone can use it.  ... Read more


2014, August

Triple Gazelle

Link got again in 2014 a Gazelle award thanks to further growth in our turn-over. This is third year in a row that we get this award.


2014, May

USB 3.0 protection

Our USB-protection has now been enhanced to work with modern USB 3.0 sticks. These are of course still usable in USB-2.0 plugs.  .. Read more


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