Our Philosophy

The underlying principle of our line of security products is a belief in the strength of individuality. You don't have to struggle to make things unique - the differences are there if you measure carefully.

Each CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, USB memory stick or computer can be distinguished from another that is seemingly identical. No matter how precise a copy is, a closer look will always reveal differences. Being able to reliably detect these differences on a standard computer is a real challenge.

The implementation of this principle in our products offers you many advantages. By using existing differences, we avoid special "marks" that give verification and back-up problems. Production uses ordinary media and does not require handling at special factories or complicated procedures.

As a company we strive to give honest information and assist our customers in making sound decisions to optain the best possible balance between defeating pirates and helping legal customers. And we are there with our experienced technical staff when you need support.


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Link Data Security has developed copy‑protection and security solutions for more than 30 years. We support Windows, Mac and Linux on almost any electronic media. Our copy-protection is an investment, not a cost.

Link Data Security